Optimum utilization of storage space / safe stowing of individual consignments / observation of all hazardous goods regulations

Packing containers requires years of experience. Whether they are consolidated containers or customer containers - the aim is to utilize the space as effectively as possible and to stow the shipments safely to ensure that they reach the consignee undamaged. Consolidated containers are loaded with different types of goods, such as fragile goods along with heavy machinery or sensitive goods with chemicals.

To fulfill this task PCG only uses experienced, continuously trained container packing staff. These specialists pack according to the current CTU packing guidelines and observe the adherence to hazardous goods regulations. In the consolidated container area PCG works together with SACO Shipping, a leading NVOCC. This enables shippers to have the cost-effective option of either shipping their export shipments with SACO Shipping or - in the case of a sufficient volume - packing their own container without the shipments having to change warehouses. This saves both time and money.